Hill Climb Workout

ImageOver Labor Day weekend, Gavin and I went up to Nebraska so he could get all of his pre-employment stuff for his new job out of the way. It worked out perfectly, because then we were up there to celebrate the holiday with my Parents, my sister Jolene, and her kids at the lake.

When Gavin was busy with his job stuff, Sam and I took a walk to check out the town he is going to be working in, and snuck in a quick workout while we were at it. I found a medium sized hill in town and got to work. I decided to do a series of running up the hill, doing a few exercises at the top, walk back down, and then repeat. To help me keep count of how many times I did the series, I gathered up 10 sticks. Each time I ran up the hill, I took one of the sticks with me and left it at the top of the hill. Once they had all been ran to the top, my workout was over. It’s just a kind of fun way to keep count. Here is the breakdown of the workout:

Hill Workout-001

It was pretty tough, but it worked out perfectly because by the time I got done and walked back, Gavin was mostly done with his stuff. The great thing is that this workout is so customizable to different fitness levels because you can choose the hill,  and choose the number of times you are going to do it. Even doing the set one time is worthwhile!

Just remember – a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!


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