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Pure Vida in Costa Rica

Pure Vida in Costa Rica

Loving life and my husband on our honeymoon!


Hill Climb Workout

ImageOver Labor Day weekend, Gavin and I went up to Nebraska so he could get all of his pre-employment stuff for his new job out of the way. It worked out perfectly, because then we were up there to celebrate the holiday with my Parents, my sister Jolene, and her kids at the lake.

When Gavin was busy with his job stuff, Sam and I took a walk to check out the town he is going to be working in, and snuck in a quick workout while we were at it. I found a medium sized hill in town and got to work. I decided to do a series of running up the hill, doing a few exercises at the top, walk back down, and then repeat. To help me keep count of how many times I did the series, I gathered up 10 sticks. Each time I ran up the hill, I took one of the sticks with me and left it at the top of the hill. Once they had all been ran to the top, my workout was over. It’s just a kind of fun way to keep count. Here is the breakdown of the workout:

Hill Workout-001

It was pretty tough, but it worked out perfectly because by the time I got done and walked back, Gavin was mostly done with his stuff. The great thing is that this workout is so customizable to different fitness levels because you can choose the hill,  and choose the number of times you are going to do it. Even doing the set one time is worthwhile!

Just remember – a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!

Nice to see you…..and…Blitz Box!!!

Hello!!! So – I think it’s been a month (or more) since I’ve last posted, so I’ll get the big updates out of the way early:

  • Biggest news item (not really an update since it’s been planned) – Gavin and I are getting married in 8 days!! I can’t believe it is so close! We are ready for it, and are nearly counting down the hours until our flight to Florida.
  • Biggest new news: We are moving back to Nebraska! After living in Kansas City, Missouri for 3 years, we are heading back to the Cornhusker State. Gavin and I are pumped to be close to family again and ready for the challenges of being in a new place.
  • Tag along updates: Since we are moving, we are selling our house, planning to buy a new one, and getting new jobs all in the next month or so (hopefully). Gavin has a job lined up and is ready to get started after we get back from the honeymoon.

That’s all the big news. Since we have been super busy getting the house listed, transitioning out of our KC jobs, and prepping for the wedding, I haven’t done much fun blog stuff lately. I haven’t even read Lean In for August Book Club. My plan is to get on this during the honeymoon – is there anything more relaxing than laying on the beach and reading a book? I’ll try to get back to regular updates this week, but after that I probably won’t have much on until October.

Oh – and if you are wondering about the title – the NFL and McDonald’s in KC have partnered and made basically a multi-adult, NFL branded, Happy Meal and called it the Blitz Box. Since Gavin and I are closet McDonald’s fans, we had to get one to snack on while we enjoyed the first Monday Night Football games of the year.

Blitz Box Combo

Ever since Gavin and I saw a billboard for this, we have been saying Blitz Box all the time and really getting pumped up about eating one. For two people who are getting married next week, you’d think we would have better things to get excited about. But, here we are.

Beware – eating a Blitz Box can result in making you feel like this:ImagePS – my dog isn’t the devil, he just always gets really big glo-eyes in pictures.

Hope all is well with all of you! I’m glad to be back after a my quick break. Have a great week!