It’s been almost 3 weeks since we completed RAGBRAI, and I am finally getting to share my photos and stories!River 1

Gavin and I were invited to work on the RAGBRAI Crew, which is the official group that supports the ride during the week of the event. Jobs on the Crew range from moving baggage and selling merchandise to marking the route and driving the SAG Wagon. I’ve been lucky enough to work on the Crew off and on for about 7 years. This was Gavin’s second time.

This year, our job was to drive to the meeting town each day and set up to sell merchandise and provide information as needed. This was the best job I’ve ever had on RAGBRAI, mostly because 1) Gavin and I got to spend all week together, and 2) we got to drive a sick cargo van!Gavin Cargo Van

Dre Cargo Van

I’m really lucky to get to spend more time than usual with some of my other family members during RAGBRAI as well. Also on the Crew is one of my sisters, Sara, my brother, Bryan, and my dad, Joe.Sara Andee Truck

Sara & Me


Gavin, Me, Dad, Sara, Bryan

If you haven’t ever heard of RAGBRAI or seen it first hand, it is quite a sight! Over the course of a few hours, 15,000+ cyclists can pass though a small Iowa town.Monroe IAMonroe, IA – population 1,814

The ride begins at the Missouri River, and ends at the Mississippi River. The tradition is for participants to dip their rear bike tire in the Missouri before they begin their journey, and dip their front tire in the Mississippi when they complete it. So, on the last day of the ride, nearly the whole Crew is at the Mississippi River to wrap up the ride.River 2Working on the Crew has been such an unbelievable experience, and I am already looking forward to it for each year!


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