Herbie Husker Tailgate Workout

herbieAs we are quickly approaching college football season, I felt like it was a great time to share this wonderful workout. If you want to become all sorts of awesome like Mr. Herbie Husker, read on! I’m pretty sure Herbie works out on the regular, and I know for certain he tailgates like a champ. This workout is quick and tough, and all you need to do it is a parking lot and your body. Check it out.


The parking lot I used was about 15 spaces long, and I ran the short way across them. Average parking lot space size is 8 ½ feet (thanks, Google), so this turned out to be a bit over 40 yards. It felt pretty darn long by the end.

Video Demos:

Deep Bodyweight Squat

3D Pushup – each time you do a push-up is one rep


Jump Lunges – do both legs for one rep

Without the warmup, this workout took Gavin and I about 18 minutes. It was definitely enough to kick your butt in a short period of time. And remember, you can always start at a number lower than 10, and count down from there. It’s your workout, do it however you would like!

Hope you enjoy this workout! Happy Wednesday!


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