Try it Tuesday: Two-Handed Pot Holder

pot holder

This week, I made a Two-Handed Pot Holder from a pattern on Sew4Home has hundreds and hundreds of patterns that I have looked at quite a few times, but this is the first one I actually attempted.

I made this for Gavin’s Grandma, for her birthday. She mentioned to me how she likes to have baked potatoes, and so this seemed like something useful so she wouldn’t have to play hot potato 🙂

The pattern and instructions can be found here. I thought the photos on it were very helpful, but I got confused a few times reading the directions. I’m sure they made sense and it was a reader error, but it really makes you appreciate the photos!

This came together pretty easily, and the hardest part was getting the pieces cut to the correct sizes. After I had them all cut out, I buzzed through the project!

pot holder supplies

From beginning to end, I think the project took about an hour. I had some machine tension issues, so it took me a little longer, but once you have the pieces cut, assembly is super fast. I think these would be cute to make in Christmas fabric and give as gifts during the Holidays. I really like that it is 2 pot holders in one, because I always tend to lose one of mine.

What do you think?


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