Race for the Cure & Grandma Nancy’s Birthday


This morning, I was up bright and early to head to the Kansas City Race for the Cure! I participated in this event through my work, and have done it the past 3 years in KC, plus a few years in Des Moines in the past.

I really enjoyed this event! Over 20,000 supporters gather to participate, and people are so positive and festive! A lot of different groups have hilarious shirts that say things like “Save Second Base” & ” I ♥ Boobies”  and other funny stuff – I should have taken more photos!

After the Race for the Cure finished up, I headed home to get ready for lunch with Gavin’s Aunt Karen & Grandma Nancy. Nancy’s birthday was on Friday, so we did a little lunch celebration at the house today. We had fried chicken, salad, and brownie sundaes – nearly the best lunch ever!

Grandma bday lunchAll in all, we had a great weekend! Hope yours was wonderful as well!


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