Try it Tuesday Returns!


Hey all! Long time no blog 🙂 We got home from RAGBRAI last Sunday and I feel like we have been playing catch up ever since!

Luckily, this last weekend I had some time to work on a new (super fun) project. I’ve been looking at quilts on Pinterest and convincing myself that it’s a project I could tackle. I have a VERY basic knowledge of quilting from my wonderful mother, who is basically a quilting guru. Like a pro.

Anywho, I had seen a few chevron quilts that I just loved:



While these look really complicated, they are really quite simple. Each square is a half square triangle, which is just a square separated diagonally in two different fabrics, like this one:

My quilt was 8 squares by 8 squares, so I used this awesome technique to create 8 at a time.

I did my math a little wrong, and my squares ended up 1/2 inch smaller than intended.

After getting my squares cut and laid out, I simply sewed the squares into rows, and then sewed the rows together. After getting my batting and backing pinned into place, I used my little sewing machine to sew the lines along each chevron. This was definitely faster for me than hand quilting, and much easier. However, I probably wouldn’t try this on a larger sized quilt. The baby quilt ended up being about 36″x36″, and it was still large enough that, at times, I had a hard time maneuvering it through when sewing.

For the binding, I simply extended the backing up and around to the front. I came across this technique on Pinterest (of course), and it led back to a wonderful sewing site called Made by Rae.

All in all, I completed the project in about 7 hours. I was really happy with the outcome, and was proud to give it as a gift!



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