Turkey Thursday and Packing up!

Turkey ThursdayAny Thursday can be Thanksgiving – just cook a giant turkey! Gavin and I cooked that wonderful bird Wednesday night to carve up and take with us on RAGBRAI.

One of the hardest things about going on vacation is sticking to nutrition and fitness goals while still enjoying your trip.

I’m not much help on the nutrition side – as anyone who has gone on vacation with me knows! However –  here are a few quick tips that might be of interest:

  • Get a taste of all kinds of food, but don’t over do it on any one item. More often than not, the last bite of a treat is not the best, the first is! Sample lots of different foods!
  • Treat yourself to things you can’t get at home or in your normal daily life. Make vacation meals different and special!
  • Eat slowly! Savor and enjoy each bite. This will give your brain time to tell your body you are getting full.

Some of my favorite travel workouts can be found at:

The least fun part of vacation for me is packing, but Gavin and I knocked that out on Wednesday night. Sam always looks super sad when we pack – he sits by the bag and gives us his best Sad Sam face.

Sad Sam

Notice that sweet makeup bag? Now on to the fun stuff!


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