Try It Tuesday – Travel Makeup Bag!


I am gearing up to go on RAGBRAI in less than a week, and beginning to make my list of things to take along. Packing clothes, shoes, and that kind of stuff is the easy part for me. The tough part is figuring out how to get all my toiletries together and organized. So…after looking on Pinterest I found this wonderful Quick & Pretty Makeup Bag by the lovely ladies of Pretty Prudent.

How did it go you may ask?! Superb!! Pretty Prudent’s tutorial was wonderful, and had photos for each step. A few notes:

  • My bag ended up a little larger than the one on the tutorial because I only had a 9″ zipper.
  • The final measurements of each piece of my bag was 10 inches at the top by 13 inches at the bottom. They were 11 inches top to bottom.
  • Even though the tutorial called for a zipper foot, I just used my standard foot and it worked fine.
  • I used home décor fabric for the interior and the lining because 1) it was what I had on hand, and 2) I really prefer to use it when making bags because it seems more durable.
  • From start to finish, this project took me about 35 minutes.

I’m excited to use this on RAGBRAI next week, and will let you know how it holds up. Let me know if you would like one of these – it was fun to make and I’d be happy to throw a few more together!


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