Cold as Ice?!

When the weekend kicked off on Friday, Gavin and I were looking for something fun, different, and active to do. After kicking around the going to the driving range, frisbee golf, and a few other ideas, we decided on ice skating. It seemed like a great thing to do in the middle of the summer.


Most important lesson learned this weekend – Even if it is summer outside, they still keep it cold inside ice skating rinks. It’s really not a great idea to wear shorts.

Oh well. It was a great way to kick off a great weekend! We ended up going out for dinner afterwards at Saints Pub + Patio, and having a great night. The weather was beautiful all weekend, so on Saturday we met Gavin’s aunt and cousin for breakfast and a quick bike ride.

On Sunday, we went to the Kansas City River Market. The River Market is a group of open-air shops and vendors selling everything from produce to artwork to thrift store type stuff. They have a beautiful flower shop that had this beauty in it:


After perusing all the shops and picking up a few goodies, we posted up on a park bench to enjoy the weather and chat.


Hope your weekend was wonderful, and gave you a chance to recharge your batteries in preparation for the week ahead. Be sure to check back in!


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