Happy Fourth of July!!

I was hoping to kick this post off with an awesome photo of Gavin, Sam and I on our Fourth of July trip to Salt Lake City last year. Apparently, we didn’t really take pictures anywhere in Utah except the Olympic Training Center in Park City, so here is an awesome photo of us on the luge instead. 🙂Image

Wishing everyone a fun, safe, and happy Fourth of July!

Fit, Fab and Freckled Book Club!!

Each month, I’m going to select a different book for the Fit, Fab and Freckled Book Club. Throughout the month, I am planning to post questions so we can all be in a sort of virtual book club. For this month, the book is (drumroll please!)

book Club - inferno

This book came has been on best seller lists and all that jazz, and I’ve also got quite a few personal recommendations for this book. When the Da Vinci Code (also by Dan Brown) came out, I read it in about 2 days. Here’s hoping Inferno is as engaging!


Do you have a favorite book?


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